A 90s kid / retired punk trapped in a modern simulation​​​​​​​
This final quote from the 1998 movie SLC Punk! always resonated with me as a kid and now pretty accurately sums up my perspective on growing up and getting a real job. I have adapted it to Advertising to make it even more fitting than it already is:
"I was gonna be an [art director] and play in the god-damned system, and that was that. 
I mean, there's no future in anarchy; let's face it. But when I was into it, there was never a thought of the future. I mean we were certain the world was gonna end, but when it didn't, I had to do something, so fuck it. 
I could always be an [art director] in New York and piss the shit out of the [advertising industry]
I mean that was me: a trouble maker of the future. The guy that was one of those guys that my parents so arrogantly saved the world for, so we could fuck it up. We can do a hell of a lot more damage in the system than outside of it. 
That was the final irony, I think. That, and well, this –– and "fuck you" for all of you who were thinking it: 
I guess when all was said and done, I was nothing more than a god-damned, trendy-ass poser. "
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